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Introduce the young and curious to new languages.

Children are curious and smart. Introducing them to new languages at an early stage could show them the joy of learning those languages. Learning languages at a later stage in life will be much easier as well. The BoeQje app allows younger and older children to get familiar with a second language while they are still discovering the world around them. The BoeQje app supports English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Dutch!

eBook Store for dual language eBooks.

The APJE bookstore provides dual lanaguge books that allow readers to both read established classic stories as well as imrpove their skills in a foreign language. The books have essentially two layered pages. The reader might read in French but with the tap of a finger, the content can be changed into English. The book store itself is a secure ebook ecommerce site with all the checks and security in place for a comfortable shopping experience.

eBook store launched!

Finally the eBook store we have been workign on has been launched. There you can get dual language eBooks that allow you to read in one language while having the translation literally at your fingertips. We have created free samples for you to check out the new format. Click eBook Store to go to the store now.
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